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Single | 2018

Green Card Love

Single | 2019

Haude Kura

Single | 2017


Single | 2020

V-Seven Beatz is a New York-based Nepalese R&B Duo made of two siblings - Viveckh and Viswaz (aka EJ Station). Recognized for their experimental sound and peculiar choice of topics, the siblings have individually received critical acclaims from international, national, and local media outlets over the years including a featured track on The New York Times website and a few million streams across various streaming platforms over the years.

The two brothers first started producing Hip-hop beats and composing R&B songs in 2008 at the age of 13. Over the past decade, they have collaboratively penned over 40 songs - a majority of these feature Viveckh in the melody and Viswaz in the rap.

The brothers also run the Popular Entertainment YouTube channel EJ Station where they produce Hiphop Content mostly revolving around their own music.

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Meet the Fam.

The Firsts


First Mixtape - Hiphopreneurz


First Concerts & On-Air Shows


First Loyal Followers

Mero Kalpanako Sansar became one of the most played songs on the then Nepalese site - collecting thousands of plays and downloads.


First Chart Appearance

Underground singles topped the soundclick charts.
Kasari #3 in Hiphop-Asian charts
Timro Maya #36 in Hiphop-Asian charts
East Tank Hustla #51 in Hiphop-Freestyle charts

Viveckh and Viswaz began to jointly make music under a shared sibling-duo stage name: V-Seven Beatz.


First Extended Break From Music


First International Media Shoutout

Composed an R&B song "Off the Waitlist" for college admissions/scholarship appeal to Franklin & Marshall College (USA) which briefly went viral and ended up being featured on The New York Times Website.


First Music Video

The comeback single "Ain't No Friend Zone" was one of the first Nepalese Trap-R&B singles at the time.


First Critical Acclaim

Haude Kura gathered over 120k digital streams across various media platforms and is a fan favorite even after two years since its release.


First Bangers!

Green Card Love went viral on social media with over 250k streams, and the long awaited Music Video for Views was released as well collecting over 200k streams across various platforms. Biswash released audio for Fallin' and Damn Right.


Viswaz' rap snippets going viral on TikTok and Mainstream Discovery of EJ Station on YouTube.

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